Our DJs

Carefully selected to ensure our unique high level of service and talent is met every time.


Whether you choose us or another company, there are some fundamental principles to guarantee a high quality service delivery that will not leave you disappointed.

Bespoke Code of Conduct

  • All of our DJs are fully insured (10 million public liability)
  • All equipment is annually Pat Tested
  • All equipment is current, up-to-date, clean and of high quality
  • Bespoke DJ’s are members of the National Association of DJ’s (NADJs)
  • We never illegally down load our music
  • Can guarantee consistently high quality sound levels
  • We believe all artists should be paid for their work

Characteristics and Qualities

  • Integrity
  • Warm, Friendly and approachable
  • Punctual and polite
  • Smart and clean appearance
  • No ego…ever! (It’s the people on the dance floor that matter)
  • A minimum of 5 years proven experience in high-end quality events, weddings and corporate entertainment
  • A good understanding and cross section of musical genres as well as a few specialist areas
  • Totally dedicated to pleasing the crowd and not their egos
  • The ability to use the microphone for important announcements only!
  • Believe you should let the music do the talking not the D.J
  • If we say we are going to play a request then we will always do so
  • A good understanding and respect for sound level limits during different stages of the event/ night